Let`s stay positive!

It`s been at least a month since many states, including our Michigan, announced "stay-at-home" order. It was not easy to loose a freedom of going anywhere and doing anything we wanted. We made it through. Today Michigan Governor announced an extension of "stay-at-home" order till May 15. Illinois Governor - all the way to May 30. The good news is the curve is flattering and it means we have a hope that somewhere in June we can have some kind of normal life back.
In Michigan some pretty severe restrictions have been lifted: people now can buy flowers and plants, paint and tools for a new home project; we can travel around the state and even play golf! Retail stores are allowed to be open for curbside pick up and it means that BeCozi is now open! Our workers can come back to the office and work more or less as usual. 

If you remember in March we announced that we will be moving to our new building but unfortunately we could not: the building was 99% finished when on March 24 a "stay-at-home" order was implemented. So, now our new building is waiting until construction companies will be allowed to work again, that 1% will be finished and we can finally move to our new, beautiful office.

Other news: this March and April were unprecedentedly busy for BeCozi: we are basically having Christmas in April! That is why our orders are not shipped as fast as usual, it takes us 2-3 business days to fulfill your order at this time, so we really appreciate your patience and very grateful for all your orders!

We also running out of many colors in all of our yarns. We are expecting two new stocks in May: May 15 and May 25, so if we are out of the color or yarn you want, please, be patient - it is on the way!

So, the message this weekend - LET`S STAY POSITIVE and hope for the best! And of course - let`s keep KNITTING! 

Stay SAFE and BeCozi!