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5 Best Chunky Knit Gifts for Mom

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Mother's day is just around the corner. And while we encourage to celebrate your mom every day, not just one day a year, we are glad there is a dedicated day to pamper and show moms some serious love. 

Your mom might live down the street, she might be thousands of miles away. Regardless of distance, make sure you don't miss the chance to tell her just how much she is valued, adored and loved. 

Here at BeCozi we have put together a simple gift giving guide that will make moms feel appreciated and thought of this Mother's Day. 

Without further ado, here are our top 5 chunky knit gifts for mom. 

1. DIY Kit

A DIY Kit is a perfect gift for a crafty mom - whether you choose one to help her make a blanket, a pet bed or a pillow for her bedroom, this gift is versatile yet simple. 

Perfect for moms who love knitting, crafty moms, or moms looking for a new hobby to pick up. 

Choose yours here.

2. Chunky Blanket 

Comfort and coziness is a necessity for any human, and moms especially! Moms work so hard to help their family be healthy and happy yet they take very little time to care for themselves. 

Make sure your mom is taken care of this Mother's Day - get her a delightfully soft, chunky knit blanket that she will adore. Perfect for cuddling under in any weather! 

Choose from our Merino wool, chunky or jumbo chenille, tube yarn or vegan yarn.

3. Jumbo Chenille Yarn 

For moms who are established knitters, there can be no gift more perfect than an abundance of amazing yarn! Our jumbo chunky chenille is a bestseller for a reason - lightweight, easy to clean and maintain, pet and kid-friendly, and heavenly thick and soft. This yarn has got it all, including so many colors to love! 

Get your mom some jumbo chenille here. 

4. Chunky Round Pillow 

Everyone loves our round chunky pillows. Be it the adorable circular knit design, the variety of colors or its supreme softness, these pillows fly off the shelves. 

Your mom would absolutely love a couple to complement her home decor. She'll think of you every time she lays her head down to rest. 

Pick her favorite color and order a pair here. 

5. Chunky Heart Shaped Wreath

Valentine's Day does not have the monopoly of hearts. What better way to express your profound love for your mom than to gift her your heart in a chunky knit form? 

Choose from a variety of colors and yarn types to find the perfect way to say "I Love You" to your mom. 

Get yours here. 


Whichever gift you choose, make sure your mom feels loved and remembered on Mother's Day. Give her a call, take her out to brunch, show her you care. Moms are incredible and deserve all the praise we can shower them with. 

Use MOM15 coupon till midnight of May 8 to get 15% on everything in out store!

Happy almost Mother's Day and BeCozi! 

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