So many NEWS!

Dear friends,

We hope you are all doing well during this pandemic time. We are very thankful for all your orders and we are happy to help you to stay busy during a stay at home orders in your states. As many states are opening now, we hope you will still enjoy knitting with our yarns as we have a new stock just arrived this week!

1. Plush and Lush Velvet Yarn

We LOVE our new Plus and Lush Velvet yarn: SOOO soft and beautiful! Perfect for hand and arm knitting blankets, pillows, rugs, baby beds, pet beds, ottomans and so many other things. We now have 11 colors and just looks at this rainbow! Check it out, it is only $22/lbs and you can get a 10% off if you sign up for our newsletter or if you are a repeating customer.

2. Merino wool - two new colors

We have two new colors of our beautiful Merino wool - Ice green and Gray. Super soft and gentle to touch Merino - just imagine your new blanket in these two amazing colors!

Our Pink Merino is now very soft Pink color, so beautiful!

3. BIG skeins of BeCozi Chunky chenille yarn


Our collection of BIG skeins of Chunky chenille yarn has grown to six colors: White (not in the picture), Ivory, Powder Blue (Was Cloud before), Navy blue, Silver gray and Burgundy.  One skein is an equivalent of 8 small 8 oz skeins and no need to connect them! 

4. Felted Merino wool

All favorite colors of felted Merino wool are back in stock with a new addition - beautiful Gray! (bottom left in the picture) This stock of felted Merino is of an amazing quality: super soft, not too thin, just our dream come true!

5. Forever Soft Merino wool

We are working on a video to show how to make an amazingly beautiful sweater with this beautiful Merino wool. If you are interested in making a sweater with us - stock up on this yarn as we have a limited amount of it; six skeins should be enough for a small-medium size.

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Not so great news but needed one: USPS has a shortage of staff during the pandemic and for this reason an amount of delayed deliveries increased dramatically! We receive 2-3 messages EVERY DAY from customers who did not receive their package for longer than a week. To compare: we used to receive 1-2 messages like that within a few months before! So, if your order does not arrive within 2-3 days, please, call USPS with your tracking number. We are not capable of doing it for all our customers during this very busy times when we are trying to ship all the orders as soon as possible.

If an order does not arrive in 7 days since it was shipped, you can also submit a search request for a package here. If package does not arrive in 15 days, you can file a claim and receive a refund from USPS. You can file your claim here.


Some GREAT news!

- We finally moved to our new building this week! We now have enough space for all our yarns and spacious offices to pack and ship it. If you are local or visiting Holland - we will be happy to see you in our office! (After the lock down is over)

- We are running very low or out of many colors of our Chunky and Jumbo chenille BUT a new, big stock is coming around May 25! So, if you placed an order for the out of stock yarn - we will be shipping your order as soon as the yarn is here! If you want to place an order - go ahead: the sooner you place an order for your favorite color - the sooner you will receive it!

Stay Safe and BeCozi!