Let's Go Tubing!

We still have two weeks of summer left so why not go tubing? 

But we're not talking about floating on an inflatable tube or racing down on a waterslide, as wonderful as both of those options sound. 

We are talking about our brand new, hot off the presses tube yarn

Tube yarn is almost exactly what it sounds like. It is a cotton tube with a polyester filling inside.

Sounds simple but do you know what's the most amazing thing about tube yarn is? It's thick, and we mean really thick. It is chunky and durable and unlike Merino tube yarn is not afraid of anything. Got pets? No problem. Kids? Even better. Throw your tube yarn creation into the washing machine with no issues whatsoever.

And it comes in so many fun colors: cloud, pink, blue and charcoal gray. Depending on tube yarn's popularity we might even add more colors in the Fall! 

This yarn would work incredibly well for pet beds so you are not afraid of your pets messes. We would also highly recommend it for rugs as tube yarn is not afraid of foot traffic. Think home decor - pillows, cushions, etc. So many choices! 

What will YOU make with our tube yarn

becozi tube yarn  



Color Update

We have been recently asked about a couple new colors and we got them in stock this week!

Our Mocha has changed - it looks almost exactly like mocha from Starbucks. Sadly you can't drink this one but you can sip your beverage while cuddling under a soft mocha blanket!

Our old Mocha color is on sale now in clearance section for only $22/lbs!

On the subject of colors, our Taupe color is new for both Merino and felted Merino wools. Check out this gorgeous color, one of the most beautiful neutrals out there. 


Jumbo Chenille

Have you tried our Jumbo chenille yarn yet? We are totally smitten. It is one of a kind as its the thickest chenille yarn on the market. We have five colors available and five more coming at the beginning of September. It also happens to be on sale this week! Grab it here

Chenille Sale

Don`t forget about huge sale we have on our chunky chenille yarn - everything must go so stock up until supplies last!

In the meantime, enjoy summer and get ready to BeCozi for Fall!