5 Back To School Must Haves

back to school must haves becozi chunky merino wool knits

August is officially here and with it school is just around the corner. Summer is winding down and it's time to get packing! 

Your kid is off to college. You've purchase cute cactus-shaped paperclips, notebooks and planners for your back-to-schooler. But what about items that you might have forgotten to add to the list? 

Here's Becozi's take on back to school must haves.

1. A Chunky Blanket


As we are all about comfort, it comes as no surprise that a cozy chunky blanket is our top must have for back to school, whether your kid is wrapping themselves in comfort at home or a thousand miles away in college. Make sure to create a feeling of safe space with a blanket that will serve as a hug when you're not around. 

Choose from a super chunky Merino blanket, a jumbo chenille one or even a felted Merino version for that extra durability. Make one yourself using our video tutorial

2. Fairy Lights

Image source: Urban Outfitters

Let's face it, dorms can be a bit dreary. Older furniture, bare walls and floors don't foster inspiration and creativity. But with a bit of ingenuity even the most bland room can shine. 

This is where fairy lights come in. Available in multiple styles and colors, we recommend a curtain one. Perfect to put under a bunk bed to create a cozy nook, or on the window on top of a pair of cute curtains. 

Evenings in the dorm never felt better. You can get them at Urban Outfitters, Wayfarer, Target or any other major retailer. 

3. A Cozy Rug 

Most dorms either don't have carpet or it is of another era - barely a quarter inch thick and scratchy, certainly not something you'd want to stretch out on with your psychology textbook as you read the assigned chapters. 

Consider an awesome chunky rug made out of either Merino or even better with chenille - which is soft, fluffy and so easy to care for. It is a perfect college companion! Not to mention it's very light, so packing it will be a breeze. 

Have us make you one or try it yourself with our video tutorial: with our tutorials it's surprisingly easy! 

4. Comfy Chair 

For those nights when all you want to do is tuck your legs under you and listen to music. Or for late night study sessions with you friends. Either way, a cozy chair that is light and portable will be a perfect college companion. 

Check out this fluffy one from World Market

5. A Plant

Image source: CreativeCeramicsShop

Every living space needs something, well, living! How about a tiny cactus or a succulent? It won't require too much of your time as it thrives on benign neglect. Yet you will still have a splash of green and something to care for. 

Check out these adorable planters from Creative Ceramics Shop on Etsy and grab one for your dorm desk. 

What is your must have for a back-to-schooler? Share your favorite products in the comments so others can find great items to spice up their spaces. 

Don`t forget our Merino wool, felted Merino and chunky chenille yarns are on sale for just a very short time in August!

Happy August and BeCozi!