Latest Scoop on Chenille

Summer may be starting to wind down but that doesn't mean summer colors have to as well. 

Part of creating a comfortable and pleasing home environment is surrounding yourself with colors you love. Colors have significant influence on our mood as we wrote about in this blog post earlier this year. 

Here at Becozi we help you get happy by stocking all colors of the rainbow for our yarns, making sure you never have to miss mint if it happens to be your favorite shade. 

With that being said, we're excited to announce that we just received new stock of bright summer colors. Lilac, hot pink, red, orange, yellow and everybody’s favorite - chocolate! 

What are you going to make with these vibrant colors?

Get some summer chenille here. 

As you are stocking up on our summer chenille, don't forget that our other chenille types are on sale. What does this mean for you? More knitting projects and more savings!

As we are cleaning out our shelves our chenille yarn in 8 oz is going on sale for only $8/skein! Our 10.5 oz chenille is on sale for $12.50 per skein. 

Snag these deals here before they're gone! 


Looking for something extra cozy? Don't forget about our jumbo chenille, over 1 inch thick. This chunkiest chenille we have is so soft and fluffy, you won't want to cuddle with anything else!

It's only available through our shop in the US as it's the thickest chenille on the market.

Get this exclusive yarn here.

As you build your stock for Christmas presents, don't forget that our Merino and vegan yarns are also on sale for a limited time in August before Fall is fully here. Peruse our website and check out all these amazing deals before we are back to non-sale prices. 

Stay cozy with BeCozi!