Three reasons to start Christmas shopping now!

Can you believe the Summer is almost gone?? In just a couple of months all stores will be full of Christmas items and we will be working on fulfilling our Christmas lists!

Chunky knit blankets made from Merino wool, vegan and chenille yarn are always a hit for Christmas Holidays and here are three reasons why now is the best time to buy some yarn or a blanket for a Christmas gift:

- Have you ever heard about Google Trends?  Google Trends can show you trends for anything you can imagine and if you check a trend for Merino wool, you will see that November and December are the busiest months for selling/buying it. It means that it will be very popular and unfortunately - more expensive. So, if you are planning to give a blanket as a Christmas gift, stock up on Merino wool while it is on sale. Our Felted Merino wool is on sale now too.

- During busy times waiting time for an order of Merino wool will be 3-7 days and up to a week for blankets because we might run out of some popular colors. It is only 1-2 days for shipping of any orders now. If you like to have everything ready on time - beat the crowd and have your Christmas gifts ready. Our Merino wool blankets are on sale now too.

- Hand knitting a blanket for your loved one is so much fun!  Think about your family member or a friend having a blanket made with your own hands: it will be a very special gift for years to come! Now you can do it with no rush, enjoying the process with the Merino wool that is on sale and will be delivered fast in any color you select.

Don`t forget to check our super chunky vegan yarn, it is also on sale now. It is a great substitute if you can not use wool for any reason.

Enjoy your summer and BeCozi!