Love is All Around: 5 Gifts to Make This Valentine's The Best One Yet

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Valentine's day is just around the corner and love is definitely in the air. The red holiday continues to inspire poems in middle schoolers and grown men alike, sustain local florists for years to come and make eating dessert for all three courses completely acceptable.

Why not? Valentine's day is all about celebrating love and connection and there is no such thing as saying "I like you" or "I love you" too much.

So you have a card, maybe some flowers and chocolate. You may have even made a reservation at a local romantic spot with proper mood lighting and top notch aphrodisiacs for dessert. 

But what about a gift that goes beyond chocolate and flowers? What if you could gift a feeling of love and comfort for more than one day?

There is nothing quite like getting home after a fun night out on Valentine's day, putting on Netflix and wrapping yourself and your darling in a soft, warm blanket. Talk about setting the mood! 

Here are our top picks to make your Valentine the happiest person around. 

1.  A beautiful Merino wool throw 

becozi chunky knit blanket giant stitch

There is a reason red and pink are the primary color choices for Valentine's day - they have become synonymous with love and affection. This gorgeous pink throw will be the perfect reason to cuddle up on the couch or bed together. 

Get yours here

2. A DIY kit for a medium throw 

Not feeling up to Merino and want something thinner? Does your Valentine enjoy crafting, knitting and doing-it-themselves? In that case this gorgeous DIY throw kit is perfect for you. 

Check it out here

3. An adorable hat

No one can say no to this adorable and comfortable merino wool hat. The warmth and comfort is simply too much to pass up! Get your Valentine warm and cozy this year. 

Get yours here.  

4. A chenille pillow 

Square is all the rage and chenille is simply perfect for a cozy home decor item. We combined both traits into one perfect pillow and we are convinced your Valentine will love it! 

Buy yours here.  

5. A pet bed to rule them all 

Spending Valentine's with your furry loved one? Don't forget to spoil them too. This gorgeous pet bed will guarantee many kisses and cuddles from your favorite canine or feline. 

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Excited by all the choices of amazing V Day gifts? So are we!  

So go ahead - go a little wild this Valentine's day! We can't wait to hear what gift you decide on - share your photos on our Instagram with the hashtag #becozi. 

But wait, there's more: to celebrate we're giving you a 10% off discount from February 2nd to the 8th! Use a code VDAY10 at checkout.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day!