Let's Get Cozy!


Whether you are a new visitor or have been with us for a while we'd like to tell you a bit more about our brand.

So cozy up with us, we are sure you will come away with a few tidbits you never knew before. 

BeCozi was born on a beautiful, yet bitter cold December day of 2015 in West Michigan where keeping warm has proven to be a challenge. Store-bought blankets and crocheted afghans did not provide enough comfort and warmth. 

While searching for an alternative, we discovered an amazing material for making blankets and knits like no other – super chunky 100% Merino sheep wool which originates in Australia. Our Merino wool is of the finest quality. It is hypoallergenic and regulates your body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is very thick and soft, creating products that have no equal on the market today.

Since that cold day in December of 2015, BeCozi has grown to a #1 chunky yarn supplier in the US with six amazing yarns for hand and arm knitting as well as knitting with giant needles: super chunky Merino wool, super chunky vegan yarn, felted Merino wool, chunky and Jumbo chenille and a new addition - Tube yarn.

We are the only company in the US offering such a large variety of chunky yarn, including exclusive felted Merino wool and jumbo chenille yarn, both custom made only for Becozi.

We offer exquisite products that can't be found in any retail store in the US. All our products are hand knitted and custom made for every customer. You can be assured that every stitch is made with love.

Besides carrying unique yarn, BeCozi is the place where hand knitting technique was first born and introduced.

Our founder - Larissa Koedyker - created this knitting style as alternative to arm knitting. In May 2016 our BeCozi YouTube channel was launched and since then we have shot and uploaded over 90 video tutorials showing how to hand knit, arm knit and needle knit with all our chunky yarn (if you haven't subscribed to our channel yet we highly recommend doing so as you receive the most recently uploaded video alerts via email).

Here are some other fun facts about us:

  • BeCozi stands for exactly what it sounds like  - be cozy. The idea came to our family during Christmas 2015 when we were brainstorming about a name for our store. We officially launched on January 1, 2016
  • We have sold and shipped to every single state in the US during our first year in business 
  • Our products have been shipped to 47 countries around the world
  • We have over 16,000 followers on Instagram, over 8,000 on Facebook and over 1,200 on Pinterest
  • BeCozi started from our home. In July 2017 we moved to our first office and in July 2018 we doubled the size of our office in order to store all our beautiful yarn
  • We are hosting an Open House on September 14, 2018. Visit us at 400 136th Ave, Suite 518 in Holland, MI from 4-6:30 PM. 

So check out all our currents sales and stock up on yarn for all your chunky knitting needs!

Stay warm and BeCozi!