New Colors + Fall Knitting Ideas

becozi merino wool color giant knits

Temperatures are steadily dropping down and the breeze is starting to whisper of Fall. The sun begins its descent towards the horizon earlier, leaving us fewer hours of daylight but more time to crawl under a cozy blanket and warm our hands with a mug of hot chocolate. 

To prepare for Fall's imminent arrival we have ordered and just received a number of new colors for our Merino wool as well as our fabulous Jumbo Chenille. 

Take a peek at the newest members of our yarn crew as well as our inspiration for which colors would look best on which products.  


The soft, gentle Merino wool that feels like you are hugging your favorite childhood stuffed animal. 

It now comes in chocolate, purple (2018's hottest color), hot pink and ice blue.

Chocolate would make a stunning blanket, especially for a room with neutral tones. 

We imagine purple as a beautiful set of round pillows, perfect accent for your living room couch or even bedroom set. 

Hot pink would make a fun and unique barrel pillow, especially for a kids room.

And ice blue is so sweet and delicate, we can picture it as a perfect beanie hat for winter - a touch of icy blue against the white backdrop. 

becozi merino knitting ideas 


Our Jumbo Chenille has also had new additions to the stock - a set of five stunning deep colors perfect for Fall and Winter. Start thinking of these colors as your Christmas presents inspiration and all things winter. It is the perfect month to gather yarn and begin lovingly knitting something for a dear family member or friend.  

The new Jumbo Chenille colors are charcoal gray, navy gray, silver gray, emerald green and cranberry.

What to make out of our beautiful Jumbo Chenille

Our silver gray and charcoal gray would make a perfect jumbo blanket - neutral enough to be used in any room with any decor. Not to mention children and pets friendly and very light!

The navy gray - mostly gray with a hint of blue - is simply begging to be a beautiful chunky scarf. Lightweight, easily washable - it will be a perfect fall and winter companion.  

Our cranberry, a beautiful vibrant red, is for those unafraid of displaying some color in their home. How about making a luxurious rug out of this deep shade? Imagine a pop of red in a neutral room. But what's even better is how your feet will feel stepping on it. 

And last but not least our emerald green Jumbo Chenille yarn. Reminding us for forests and evergreens, of moss and leaves heavy with rain. It would be a perfect color for pet beds - dark enough to hide any stains yet vibrant enough to not be boring. 

jumbo chenille new colors

Whatever you choose to make - or have us make for you - out of these gorgeous new colors, don't wait. Busy Fall season is upon us and our supplies are here until sold out. So if you want that cranberry Jumbo Chenille or that gorgeous ice blue Merino - grab it while it's here. 

Let us know what this post inspired you to create and share with us on social media by tagging #mybecozi for a chance to be featured. 

Happy Fall and BeCozi!