Meet our New Yarn: Loopy Stitch!

We have a new arrival - Loopy Stitch Yarn!

Super soft, with loopy stitches, perfect for a soft blanket, 

stunning sweater or cadrigan or a nice hat and scarf for a winter time

Today we would like to introduce our new creation with this new yarn:

Cardigan! We have a DIY Knitting Kit to Hand knit one for you here

Thid DIY Kit will make you a Cardigan in size that fits S, M and L sizes

The DIY Kit comes with the Loopy Stitch yarn, enough to make a Cardigan and a link to a Video tutorial showing how to Hand knit this beauty. Stitches will be smaler than knitting with our other yarns, it will be more finer knitting but in just a few hours you will have this stunning Cardigan ready!

Do not forget all our other wonderful yarns! Chunky and Jumbo Chenille, Merino and felted Merino wool, Vegan yarn, Plush and Lush Velvet yarn and Tube, Furreal soft and Forever soft!

We would also like to share some interesting information with you today about our shipping in June:

- Our shipped packages traveled 692.000 miles this June!

- We shipped to 46 states and territories, top shipped-to state was CA, with 78 shipments in June!

- Our average delivery time in June was 3.85 days. Our packages traveled 3,046 days total this June!


Thank you for all your orders, we are happy to help you to enjoy FUN of Hand knitting!

Enjoy your Summer and BeCozi!