New yarn has arrived!

This year has been full of changes and one of them is this: if something is not working right - it is because of the COVID-19. It is hard to understand sometimes how this little subtance has changed our lives so drastically, every little aspect of it!

We have been affected in a field of delivery of new stocks of our yarn: our last container full of Merino wool was sitting at the train station for an extra week because of the COVID-19. The good news - it is finally here!

All colors of BeCozi Merino wool are back in stock! Some old colors are also back: 

1. ORANGE - right for the Fall time! For a beautiful Fall color blanket, a cute Merino wool Pumpkin or a Round pillow - Orange is the King of the Fall!

2. RED - This color is perfect for both Fall and Winter time: Red color blanket looks amazing at any time of the year!

3. Everybody`s favorite ICE BLUE color is back! This color is perfect for upcoming Winter time decoration.

4. PURPLE is back too: this color has become very popular recently and we ran out of it for some time. Happy to see it back!

Felted Merino wool also has all colors back in stock, check it out here

Our Vegan yarn has been stocked up too

If you love our Chunky chenille yarn: check out our 40 colors of Chunky chenille, 11 Variegated and 24 Jumbo chenille colors! Three of our Variegated colors are ON SALE, get some before they all gone!

These three colors are only $5.99/skein till supply lasts!

Don`t forget to check our Gray blue Variegated chenille on Clearance for only $3.99/skein!


Did you watch our Live video "How to Hand knit a Chenille Pumpkin" at BeCozi Hand Knitting Club on Facebook? It is still there, you can watch it anytime.

Our new Video tutorial "How to Hand knit a Chunky chenille blanket in Single Rib Pattern" is on YouTube.

Stay warm and BeCozi!