Holidays are around the corner!

Fall is officially here and Holidays are just around the corner! Did you start your Chirstmas shopping yet?

We have received a lot of orders lately from our customers who are making some (or a lot!) blankets for their Chirstmas gifts: what can be better than a soft, beautiful blanket made be YOU? Or by us but in any case we would like to ask you, please - start planning ahead!

Our Vegan yarn blanket in Cloud


This year has been very busy for us and we predict the next a few months will only be busier. We ship all the orders within 2-3 days at this time. We hope to be faster as soon as we hire some seasonal help. It is a bit slower for blankets and knitted products: about 3-4 days for making them, please, be patient with us. Also looking for some seasonal help: as soon as we find one or maybe even two more Knitting Assistants, time for making blankets will be shorter.

What does it mean for you? To plan what yarn or blanket you will need and order on time.

Our Jumbo chenille blanket in Ivory


"On time" this year means very well on time: 

USPS "2 day Priority mail" has not been 2 day for at least last six months: USPS has been affected by the COVID-19 big time:

- They are delivering packages within 3-5 days instead of 2-3;

- They are delaying some packages and we have to file seacrh requests for at least a few delayed packages a week;

- Tracking information is not available for some packages;

- In in addition to all of that, USPS will now be delivering millions of voting ballots!  

The good news is that about 99% of all our orders are delivered, a bit slower but delivered. And even delayed packages are eventually found and delivered. 

We just want you to have realistic expectations and plan ahead to avoid any delays in creating your beautiful blankets or receiving some made by us. We want you to have a great Holidays season!

New video is coming this weekend: Hand knit a Hat with our Loopy stitch yarn - easy pattern to Hand knit a hat within 15-20 minutes! Check out our YouTube channel on this weekend. You will need only one skein to make this cute hat! Get some and make a few hats for yourself and your loved one!

Stay safe and BeCozi!