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5 Essential Chunky Knit Products for Fall

5 essential chunky knit products for fall becozi giant knitting

Fall is in full swing in most parts of the country, with the sun bringing us the light but not quite the warmth we are yearning for. The leaves are changing colors and just like the trees, we are shedding the unnecessary and preparing for the winter. 

Today we would like to highlight five of our products that we think are essential for fall. In this time of transition it is important to surround yourself with comfort, whether at home or on the go. 

Without further ado, here are top 5 essential chunky knit products for fall. 

1. Felted Merino Wool Throw 

becozi felted merino throw chunky yarn knitting

This beautiful felted merino wool throw is just the right shade for autumn inspiration. Sturdy and strong, this throw will not shed or pill, making it a perfect complement to any room in your home. 

Just imagine how lovely it would be to snuggle under this by a fireplace. 

Get yours here. 

2. Chunky Chenille Cat Bed 

chunky chenille yarn cat bed giant knitting

Your furry pal will be thrilled to cozy up into this perfectly snuggle, warm and soft chunky chenille pet bed. Being circular it will instantly appeal to your kitty and many naps will ensue.

Don't deprive your cat of this amazing treat! Get this pet bed here

3. Pumpkin Merino Pillow 

What can possibly say fall more than these adorable pumpkin Merino wool pillows? We honestly don't know. 

You can select from a number of colors and sizes to make your home extra festive. 

Purchase your adorable pumpkins here

4. Chunky Knit Pouf/Ottoman

Say "Olive you" to yourself or a loved one by ordering this gorgeous olive color chunky knit pouf, also known as an ottoman. Made from sturdy felted Merino wool, your feet will thank you for the comfort at the end of the day. 

Pairs perfectly with any couch, sofa or bed. Try it out for yourself! 

Get one for your home here. 

5. Circular Chunky Chenille Rug 

chunky chenille rug

There is nothing more perfect than stepping out of your warm bed in the morning and your feet being met by a cozy and soft chenille rug. It honestly makes getting out of bed that much easier! 

Not to mention you can customize your color and pattern to make it fit your personality and home. 

Order one for yourself here. 

Whichever fall essential you choose, we look forward to this piece being a lovely addition to your home. Send us photos of where and how you end up using our products - we absolutely love seeing your creativity shine through! 

Happy fall and BeCozi!

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