The Day Has Come!


Becozi's Giant Knitting Club 1st live video is today, we will make this cute Easter Bunny!

Thank you all like-minded knitting enthusiasts around the world who are passionate about giant knitting and subscribed to our unique, one of a kind Giant Knitting Club!

Club Member Benefits

Join BeCozi GIANT KNITTING CLUB and get these exclusive member benefits for $14.99/month :

  • Great promotions and discounts available for the Club members only;
  • Live video once a month with the creator of GIANT KNITTING CLUB - Larissa Koedyker - showing new patterns and new ways of giant knitting. You can ask questions and get them answered during the live videos;
  • During our live videos you will learn an exclusive information not available anywhere else from the expert in working with super chunky Merino wool - Larissa Koedyker: How to care for Merino wool; How to care for your Merino wool blanket; How to felt/semifelt your Merino wool/blanket; Exclusive patterns available for members only and much more!
  • Access to a closed GIANT KNITTING CLUB Facebook group for members only; this is a place to ask questions and receive answers; to interact with fellow members and just have fun!
  • Access to a members only BeCozi GIANT KNITTING CLUB page;
  • Access to all previous videos on a members only page.

And, of course: meet fellow knitters, ask questions, get new ideas and inspiration and so much more - that is the true value of a knitting community! 

First 20 subscribers receive a 20% off discount, we still have a couple of places left! Join us today and watch a live video tonight at 7 p.m. ET! 

Easter sale: all blankets and super chunky Merino wool is on sale! Make sure to stop by and grab a great deal before it's gone! 

Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for video tutorials, share the love with friends and family and make sure to stop by our website for most recent updates!

Stay warm and BeCozi!