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By now you are familiar with Merino wool, chunky blankets and giant knitting. You have been our follower and subscriber, perhaps for the love of the bright colors and big stitches; perhaps for the desire to learn how to make something out of the yarn for yourself. 

Here at BeCozi we love all types of giant knitting: arm knitting, hand knitting and extreme knitting with giant wooden needles, simply because we love the yarn and the craft. 

Which is why we are so excited to announce the opening of Becozi's Giant Knitting Club!

Besides being your source for super chunky Merino wool, vegan yarn, blankets and DIY Knitting kits,  we are thrilled to begin creating a community of like-minded knitting enthusiasts around the world who are passionate about the same thing: giant knitting. 

You too can join the club and become a Giant Knitting Enthusiast!

Club Member Benefits

Join BeCozi GIANT KNITTING CLUB and for only $14.99/month and get these excellent member benefits:

  • Great promotions and discounts available for the Club members only;
  • Live video once a month with the creator of GIANT KNITTING CLUB - Larissa Koedyker - showing new patterns and new ways of giant knitting. You can ask questions and get them answered during the live videos;
  • Access to a closed GIANT KNITTING CLUB Facebook group for members only; this is a place to ask questions and receive answers; to interact with fellow members and just have fun!
  • Access to a members only BeCozi GIANT KNITTING CLUB page;
  • Access to all previous videos on a members only page.

And, of course: meet fellow knitters, ask questions, get new ideas and inspiration and so much more - that is the true value of a knitting community! 

So what are you waiting for? Join us and let's get started! 

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Stay warm and BeCozi!