The Wait Is Over!

The Wait Is Finally Over!

After a long wait and a few delays, my "Hand Knitting" book has arrived to our office today. What an exciting moment to hold this book in my hands! The idea to write this book was born four years ago. It was a long journey but the final result is amazing - I am so thankful to all people who supported me, helped me in writting this book, taking pictures, posing for pictures and simply being my moral support.

Today, when the first part of printed books arrived, I signed a lot of them and we shipped them out right away: thank you so much for purchasing my book and for your patience: your book is on the way!

This book is like nothing else on the Craft Books market: it will tell you the story of BeCozi company and how Hand Knitting was born; there are detailed instructions with pictures showing how to Hand knit the most popular products there.
It is the best gift for yourself or your loved one; it can be one of the best Christmas gifts ever! If you did not buy the book yet - get yours here.

Happy Hand Knitting and BeCozi!

Larissa Koedyker
The Author and Founder of BeCozi