Two pieces of news

When you hear a phrase "Two pieces of news" you know that the first one would probably be not good but the second one just must be good!

Well, we have two pieces of news today:

1. You probably heard this phrase at least a few times by now - "Global Supply Chain Disruption": we live in a world where deliveries of all products are delayed and delivery prices went up 3-4 times. Here is an article from Forbes about it and it does not look optimistic. 

Because we now pay almost four times more for shipping of all our yarns, we have to raise the price for all yarn: starting October 1, 2021 all yarn is $1 more expensive: $1/skein for chenille yarn and $1/lbs for all the other yarns. 

2. BUT there is good news too! We have a FULL stock for the upcoming Holidays: all yarn in all colors is in stock and we are planning to have it this way through the whole Holidays season. 

Another good piece of news: our Bulk order discount program is on and offers you a great opportunity to save on buying in bulk.


As we are getting closer to Christmas season, we have a great new video tutorial showing you how to Make a Chunky Candy cane! You will need some of our beautiful Vegan yarn or Merino wool  (0.5 lbs for one Candy cane) or Chunky/Jumbo chenille (1/4 of a skeins of each color)

Stay warm and BeCozi!