What`s on Sale?

Like Sales? We too!
BeCozi has a very busy YouTube channel with over 185 video tutorials on Hand knitting and over 135K followers! We are making a new video tutorial every week teaching people how to Hand knit with BeCozi chunky yarns.

We have multiple unique Hand knitted products created for video tutorials stored in our office. In addition to those we have many Hand knitted products we made for pictures - for our website and for Social media. Today we are asking you to help us out and buy one (or a few) of our amazing products! Check out our "As Seen on YouTube" collections and select something you will definitely need for one of the upcoming occasions: Birthday gift, Wedding gift, Housewarming gift, "Get well soon" gift and maybe just a gift to comfort yourself!

All products are on sale, on bargain prices but this weekend you can get additional 10% off on all products in "As Seen On YouTube" collections with a BARGAIN10 coupon:

1. Blankets: LOTS and lots of blankets Hand knitted with different BeCozi yarns: Merino wool, Felted Merino wool, Velvet yarn, Vegan yarn, Chunky, Jumbo, Sparkly and Plush chenille - biggest collection of ready to be shipped blankets in US!

2. Pillows - LOTS of Pillow on sale! Round, square, with a Beer mug in the middle - anything you can imagine:

3. Chunky knit plushies: everybody likes big fluffy stuffed animals, we now offer
a few of those! Check them out, they are ready to be shipped to you:

Baby Yoda:


Owl Pillow:


Watch our new video tutorial "Hand knit a Chunky blanket" with BeCozi Plush chenille in Single ribbing pattern: Plush chenille yarn is SOOOO soft and beautiful, you should try to make your blanket with it or order one here.

Get your chunky product and BeCozi!