Why Your Dog Needs a Bed


dog bed chunky knit merino wool becozi

Did you know that on average dogs sleep 12 hours a day? It makes sense that where your pooch spends most of his day matters.

It is crucial for your dog to have his own dog bed. Why?

  • It is a place your dog can call his own. Just like your bed is your sweet place for relaxation and time for yourself, a dog bed is a safe haven for your pup. Many dogs can feel like a secondary denizen of the household and a bed gives them their own space where they can be in control of their immediate surrounding.
  • Much like you, your dog wouldn’t like to sleep on the cold, hard floor. Depending on your climate, winter months can be brutal and your companion deserves comfort and a warm, cozy place to sleep during the chilly nights.
  • Joint support. Hard floors can also do a number on your dog’s joints. If you want to keep your pup as healthy as possible for as long as possible, providing a bed that is soft and supports healthy joint function is paramount.
  • While your dog will likely sleep in several places in your home, his bed will be his primary area of hangout, keeping the spread of hair and dandruff to one place that is easy to clean.
  • Prevention of injury. If your dog is older, a designated and comfortable bed will prevent your dog from jumping up and down from your furniture, potentially hurting himself.

Make sure your pup has the very best when it comes to dog beds – a Merino wool bed will be a luxury addition to your dog’s happiness. It is soft, comfortable, will support your pup’s joints and the wool will help keep his body temperature perfectly regulated.

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