How Your Blanket is Affecting Your Sleep

chunky knit blanket becozi merino wool

Since our prehistoric days as humans we have sought out surroundings that could support and nourish us. Back in the ancient times it might have been caves and dark, cozy dwellings to protect us from tigers and bears. Nowadays, it is simply creating a home out of your house, a true place of rest out of your rental apartment.

We all have an innate desire for security and safety in our environment. But we also look for physical comforts: the right temperature, light and items that are familiar and loved. Environments that are bright, airy and comfortable have even proven to increase successful recoveries in hospital patients, and have been thoroughly linked to stress reduction.

A part of your daily routine and environment is a blanket you snuggle under.

Every night when you go to bed you slide under your comforter and let your body and brain rest. But did you know that the type of blanket you use has impact on how well and how long you sleep?

Research has shown that heavy weighed blankets have tremendous impact on lowering stress levels, anxiety and have even improved symptoms of ADD in kids. Scientists explain that heavy weighed blankets respond to a need every human has – to be held and touched.

When the heavy blanket covers your body it feels like a firm hug, making you feel secure and protected. It also accesses certain pressure points that stimulate your brain’s hormone production. The levels of important hormones like dopamine and oxytocin increase, making you feel happier, more secure and comfortable in your environment. Who doesn’t want that?

Lucky for you, we have just what you need. Our Merino wool blankets are not only gorgeous and complement any décor with over twenty colors offered, but they are also heavy and luxurious, perfect for a nighttime embrace.

Besides the wool’s weight, Merino is also antibacterial, antifungal and perfectly regulates your body’s temperature. It’s a win-win!

So don’t put off better sleep, less stress and something beautiful to brag about to your house guests – check out our blanket collection and grab one for yourself today!