Baby, It's Cold Outside!

becozi winter chunky knit blanket merino wool

Have you ever been outside when it is -40F, not counting the windchill? We have had the pleasure of finding out what that feels like this week in many parts of the Midwest, including Michigan, where our BeCozi office is located. 

Snow, ice, temperatures that make your eyelashes freeze together. Even our post offices were closed for two days this week! 

And while venturing outside felt like taking an excursion to Antarctica, we were certainly reminded of one thing we truly love - staying home and being cozy. 

becozi chunky knit blanket winter blue

The wind may be howling and the snow may be falling, but inside we sat in comfort under our BeCozi blankets and relaxed. There is nothing like a snow storm to help you bond with you family all over again. Hot chocolate in hand, the logs merrily crackling in the fireplace, we could put the world on hold for a little while and focus on what's important. 

That is what our company aims to create for you, our dear customers, with every product made. From the care and love that goes into every stitch, to the finishing touches that accompany every package we send out, the goal is to make your down time your favorite time. 

We make our blankets, pillows, poufs and rugs so that you can take a break from the busy-ness and stress that life throws your way. Our DIY kits help you get into a meditative state even better than yoga. And our six types of chunky yarn will keep you happy for many moons. 

becozi chunky knit blanket

So wherever you are today, whether you are watching the snowflakes dance down to the ground outside the window or you are walking the warm beaches of Hawaii, take a moment just for you, and for your family.

Invite your mom to cuddle with you under a thick, luxurious Merino or softest Jumbo chenille blanket. Help your aging pet into their pet bed to make it easy on their weary joints. Step your feet onto the soft rug made out of huge stitches.

Marvel at your life. It's a wonderful one, after all. 

Stay warm and BeCozi!