The Skinny on Our Skinny Merino and 3 DIY Kits You Must Try

BeCozi started as a small hobby of hand knitting chunky blankets that quickly grew into a business that now teaches this art to millions of people around the world. Hand knitting has exploded in popularity, just as the types of yarn that are used for it. 
We started our business by offering mostly Merino wool, and over the last few years have added a number of other types of yarn to the mix. We now sell six different types of yarn that can satisfy any knitting project: 

We have grown to be the biggest supplier of these yarns in the States and we couldn't be more proud and grateful. This January, we celebrated three full years in business and our growth and success is something we take with both gratitude and vision. We want to keep growing in inspiring you to knit and teach others to do the same. 

That's why we keep building our YouTube video collection, now containing more than one hundred videos where we teach you how to knit using all of our various types of yarn. 
We are also able to teach through offering DIY kits, allowing you the possibility of creating something on your own, as we know the pride that comes from making something with your two own hands. 
Our most recent addition is our “Order in bulk” program: 
  • Super chunky Merino, felted Merino wool and vegan yarn are 20% off when buying 20 lbs and more, with at least 10 lbs of each color;
  • Chunky chenille and Jumbo chenille yarn are 15% off when buying 65 skeins and more. We will be changing to 20% in March, 2019 so get ready for even more knitting!

For bulk orders, please contact us at with the amount, type and color of yarn you need. Include your address and zip code so we can send you an invoice for your wholesale order. 

Thank you, as always, for supporting us and keep on knitting! 

Stay warm and BeCozi!