It's Our Birthday, Celebrate with Us!

becozi chunky knitting merino chenille diy kits

Four years ago on January 1, amidst the blanket of snow that covered most of West Michigan, an idea was born. An idea to incorporate a love for knitting with an amazing product to create what has now been BeCozi.

That's right! It's our birthday!

Seems only yesterday our founder Larissa knit her first blanket using her hands and found it to be much easier than using arm knitting. It was discovering the simplicity and excitement of working with this entirely new to her yarn that she decided to share it with others. First by making beautiful blankets out of it, later coming up with more patterns, more products, DIY kits. We went on to add more yarns, to get creative with our packaging, to share our know-how with the world through our YouTube channel.

Little did we know that only four years after BeCozi's conception, we would be shipping our orders to all 50 states and more than 60 countries all over the world. Or that our YouTube channel would have over 120 videos, over 71K subscribers and over 6.4 million views! The Facebook group we started on February 2017 - BeCozi Giant Knitting Club - quickly grew to be a group of 2,400 fellow giant knitters from across the globe. 

BeCozi grew and we couldn't be more thankful. To our families for their support, to our suppliers for their hard work when we came to them with new, wild ideas. And, of course, to YOU - our loyal customers who gave us wonderful feedback on your favorite products and spread the word.

Please help us celebrate this incredible milestone! Raise a glass of whatever it is your are drinking, be it champagne or a kale smoothie! And stay with us as we have many great things coming in 2020!

Today we are sharing with you three most popular videos in 2019 on our YouTube channel:

1. How To Hand Knit a Round Pillow - 1.2 million views!

Super easy and fun way to create something really cute and unique: Merino wool round pillow! Just one pound and 15-20 minutes of your time and you have something really cool you made yourself! Find this video here.

2. How To Hand Knit A Chunky Chenille Hat - 672K views!

This easy technique for Hand knitting a hat can be used by anybody! One size fits all, make one for yourself or your child - just half a skein of BeCozi Chunky chenille, a fluffy Pom Pom and 30 minutes of your time! Check out the video here.


3. How To Hand Knit Jumbo Chenille Blanket - 172K!

Jumbo chenille blanket is something you can not find anywhere - our Jumbo chenille yarn is SUPER soft, fluffy and gentle to touch. Blanket made with it looks and feels like a big cloud in your arms! Follow our video and Hand knit one for yourself or your loved one - it will be everybody`s favorite!

P.S. We have an overstock of some colors of Merino wool which will be 40% off: Yellow, Orange, Purple, Hot Pink and Chocolate. Don`t miss this chance to get beautiful Merino wool on bargain prices!

Thank you for your continuous support and love of our business! 

Stay warm and BeCozi!