Ode to Chenille!

Part of creating a comfortable and pleasing home environment is surrounding yourself with colors you love. Colors have significant influence on our mood. 

Here at BeCozi we help you get happy by stocking all colors of the rainbow for our yarns, making sure you never have to miss mint if it happens to be your favorite shade! 

We have 35 colors of Chunky chenille yarn in stock, so what are you going to make with these vibrant colors?

Get some chunky chenille here. 

With so many colors, possibilities are endless! Combine a few colors and a beautiful cable knit pattern like on this beauty:

Use our video tutorial showing how to Hand knit this pattern.

Or use all the leftovers you have and create something really cool like this blanket!


Chunky chenille is great not for blankets only! Hand knit this cute hat within just 30 minutes with our video tutorial. Get a cute pom pom for your hat here.

Looking for something extra thick and cozy? Don't forget about our Jumbo chenille,  about 1 1/3 inch thick, 19 colors to chose from! This chunkiest chenille we have is so soft and fluffy, you won't want to cuddle with anything else!

It's only available through our shop in the US as it's a custom made chenille yarn.

Get this super cool yarn here.

Blankets made with Jumbo chenille will be really exclusive: SUPER soft and fluffy and gentle to touch.

And don`t forget about Valentine`s Day coming: Make a Jumbo chenille throw in Valentine`s Day colors!

Watch our video tutorial on How to Hand knit a Jumbo chenille throw to help you.

Don`t forget about Variegated colors Chunky chenille! Blankets, pillows, hats, scarves - so many options to Hand knit with our 11 colors!

And our new video shows how to Hand knit a cute chain scarf with added Furreal soft yarn - hit of our Fall 2019 season! 

Get some of our colorful chenille yarn and share your products pictures in our Facebook Hand Knitting group!

This coming week we are releasing a video tutorial for Hand knitting a Heart shaped chunky pillow: stay tuned! Do not miss this cool video showing you how to make the most unique Valentine`s gift ever! If you are subscribed to our YouTube channel: you will receive an email with a link to it as soon as it`s on YouTube.