Meet ALL BeCozi Yarns!

 When chunky knitting began gaining popularity a few years ago, it was one yarn and one yarn only that captivated the minds of so many knitters around the world - Merino wool

At first, no one even knew what Merino wool was, unless you were an avid outdoors enthusiast who bought socks containing it. But even then you probably wondered what it was and how it was different from regular wool. 

We made it our mission to spread the love of Merino to the world, educating knitters on what Merino wool was and the best way to handle it. 

But as we grew, we discovered so many other equally amazing chunky yarns that bring life to different products: chenilletube and vegan yarn. We decided to expand our offerings to include these yarns back then. And that's how today, we have 8 chunky yarns that are part of our BeCozi family. 

Today we would like to highlight each one, giving you a good sense of what it is and what products are best made of it. 

Super chunky Merino wool 



Made out of 100% Merino sheep wool from Australia, it is an incredibly soft, gentle fiber. It is hypoallergenic meaning that most people allergic to wool will not have a reaction to Merino. It is moisture wicking - even when it's damp. As a temperature regulating material it has an amazing quality of keeping you warm when you're cold and cool you down when you're warm.

It is great for making those super soft, beautiful blankets for home decor in any room in your house.

This wool will not be a good choice for those seeking to use it frequently. As it's very delicate we also recommend using other yarns if you have pets, such as Chenille or Tube yarn.

BUT! If you are ready to invest some time in felting your knitted Merino wool blanket - it will become strong and durable and good for every day use!

Watch our video showing how to felt Merino wool before knitting and use the same technique for a knitted blanket! 

Stock up on Merino wool here.


Super chunky felted Merino wool 

 becozi felted merino wool

While it is the same 100% Merino sheep wool as the one listed above, felted Merino wool's biggest difference is the method of processing wool to make the fibers stronger, more durable and ready for knitting items that can handle everyday use.

It is kids and pets friendly, it can even be washed on a gentle cold cycle. Felted Merino was created using our own proven method of felting which is much more involved that doing it yourself. We save you the trouble!

Buy your Felted Merino here!

Super chunky vegan yarn


For customers who can't or prefer not to use Merino wool for any reason, we have a beautiful alternative - a very soft and gentle 100% acrylic fiber. It looks and feels almost like Merino wool but it is much lighter in weight and a bit thinner.

The vegan yarn has a bit of shine to it which adds a wonderful touch to this yarn as a home decor staple. 

Get your Vegan yarn here. It is great for making blankets for decorative purposes


Chunky chenille yarn



We introduced this yarn to our customers in 2017 and it became extremely popular nowdays! 

Chunky chenille is about 2/3 inch thick and is great for knitting absolutely anything: blankets, knitwear, pillows, hats, scarves and anything else you can imagine. This beautiful yarn is light, fluffy and soft. It is very pets and kids friendly and can handle regular to heavy use. Very portable as it's light, it's adored for a reason!

We now have 42 solid colors available, 12 varieated colors, BeCozi is the only place in US with such a huge variety of colors for chunky chenille. 

Get your Chunky chenille here


Jumbo chenille yarn

Custom made Jumbo chenille yarn created per our personal request: nothing like this existed on the market anywhere in the world before. It is much thicker than our regular Chunky chenille, more than one inch thick! We created this super thick and fluffy chenille yarn for those customers who would like an alternative to the thick and fluffy Merino or acrylic yarn.

It is very popular, and for a good reason! We have 24 colors available now!

This yarn is perfect for blankets, pillows. petbeds, rugs and much more. Blankets made with this yarn will be the softest and fluffiest you have ever had in your life!

Get Jumbo chenille here. 


Tube yarn


Tube yarn became popular a few years ago. Our tube yarn has been made with a cotton tube filled with polyester soft filling. Tube yarn is quite soft, very bulky and great for making blankets, rugs and pet beds. 

We have 10 colors available now!

Check out our Tube yarn here.

"Plush and Lush" Velvet yarn

One of our pretty new addition - "Plush and Lush" Velvet yarn. Soft and plushy, it is perfect for bulky but soft blankets, rugs, pet beds. Get it here.

Giant Velvet Yarn

Oue newest addition! SUPER thick, velvet yarn. It is great for making knot pillows and giant weaven rugs

Loopy Stitch yarn

Not as thick as our other yarns but still pretty chunky. Loopy Stitch Yarn is great for super soft blanket, cardigans, shawls, scraves, hats and even slippers!

Furreal Soft Yarn

Furreal soft yarn is not as chunky or thick as others but it is super soft and beautiful, looking like real fur and the greatest addition to any chunky blankets you make: add a string of a Furreal soft yarn hand knitting a blanket or crochet it around the blanket and it will look amazingly unique!

This blanket is Hand knitted with our Speckled Chunky chenille and Furreal soft in between

"Forever soft" Merino wool and Plush Chenille yarn are coming back to stock next week!




Whether it is Merino, chenille or tube yarn that caught your eye, don't hesitate to check out the listings and learn more about each one. 

We love seeing what you make with our yarn - tag us in your social media posts for a shout out and a chance to be featured on our page. 

Stay warm and BeCozi!