Furreal Soft!

A few months ago we introduced a new yarn: Furreal softFurreal Soft is unlike any other yarn you have knitted with before:  it is the softest and fluffiest yarn ever! When knit together, this yarn doesn't even show stitching, looking like a continuous coat of the softest bunny fur. Except no bunnies were harmed in the making of it! All the enjoyment without any harm to our animal friends.  

Great news: we now have 13 colors of Furreal soft yarn, some of them - variegated colors, check them out!

Furreal Soft is fantastic for knitting alone - a super soft and warm hat or scarf

It is also perfect for creating a super fun knitting project with Chunky Chenille and Jumbo Chenille yarns! Add a string of Furreal soft in S`mores  to Chunky chenille in white:

You can create a completely unique look by adding Furreal Soft yarn in Taupe mix to the edges of your pieces, like in this cat bed:

Here is an example of a super fast and affordable knitting project: a Baby blanket, perfect for that car carrier: only one skein of Chenille and Furreal soft  yarns (Fuzzy blues) and you are ready to go to that Baby shower with the most unique gift ever:

Possibilities are endless and one skein of Furreal soft is only $3.95!

Jumbo chenille in Gray looks completely different when new color of Furreal soft yarn - yellow is added around!

Watch our video showing how to add Furreal soft around a Chenille blanket.

Here is a video where BeCozi founder Larissa is introducing new colors of Furreal soft yarn.

Get some Furreal soft yarn and create something unique and amazing! And do not forget to share your creation with us and fellow knitters at BeCozi Facebook Hand Knitting group!

Stay warm and BeCozi!