Get Your Fill of Chenille!

If chunky chenille yarn had a social media account, it would have millions of followers! This fluffy, soft and utterly cuddle-able material has won the hearts of many knitters across the globe. 
What do people do with chunky chenille, you may ask? They hand knit, of course! 
Producing over 100 videos on our YouTube channel, we introduced hand knitting as a better alternative to arm knitting - it's faster, easier and kinder on your hands. And you definitely need to go easy on them considering how addictive this hobby is.
So many of our customers tell us they have become hooked on hand knitting with chunky chenille. We are not surprised, knowing the multiple health benefits of knitting, be it stress release or a boost of endorphins. Not to mention your friends and family get to benefit too - you'll be making blankets for everyone left and right. 
Did you know that because of hand knitting's popularity, a growing number of workshops are now being offered across the country to teach you exactly how do this? 
So much of the yarn supplied for these workshops is purchased from us here at BeCozi. We have sold over 1,000 skeins within the last few days alone and as a result ran out of some of the popular colors, such as Ivory, Cloud, Chocolate, Oatmeal, White, Purple, Orange and Navy Blue. We did not anticipate such huge demand but we are thrilled to hear so many of you are learning a new skill and getting passionate about this awesome yarn. Not to worry though - we will have these popular colors back in stock at the beginning of March. 
The good news is that we still have lots of chunky chenille yarn available! Consider these beautiful colors for your next project: Charcoal Gray, Silver gray, Navy gray, Cranberry, Lilac, Pink, Blue, Emerald Green, Teal.
And don't forget about the new addition to the line up - variegated colors of chunky chenille, where two or more colors are seamlessly combined for even more fun projects. While we are low on the most popular Salt and Pepper color, the rest are in stock and available to ship. 
And last but not least - the crown jewel in our chenille stock - the one-of-a-kind Jumbo  Chenille. We ran out of Ivory and Cloud but other colors are available and you should definitely give this unique yarn a try: whoever is going to cuddle under the Jumbo chenille blanket you'll make for them will thank you.
Stay tuned for the arrival and restocking of the colors we mentioned above - we will inform you as soon as they are all back in stock. Meanwhile our set up still allows you to purchase your favorite color, even while it's out of stock, and we will ship it to you as soon as its here.
Keep on hand knitting and share your creations with us on our social media channels! 
P.S. Valentine`s Day is coming! Watch our new video tutorial on how to make your own Heart Wreath for your loved one.
Stay warm and BeCozi!