Our Jumbo Innovation

Innovation is what drives our society forward. From our leaps in industry and technology to the marvel of winged machines that make us fly, the benefits of innovation are obvious. 

But we all know that innovation comes with a lot of trial and error. No one gets it right the first time. There is usually a learning curve, a few mishaps along the way before the final invention or product is simply perfect. 

Here at BeCozi we also consider ourselves innovators. From our unique and original designs to our own hand-knitting method, we are bringing you our best ideas. 

Our Jumbo Chenille yarn is one of our innovations that everyone loves. A custom-made product just for us, it took some time to nail down the details of the design and production. 

And like any other innovation, there are bound to be a few roadblocks on our path to perfection. 

Most of our recent shipment of dark colors of Jumbo Chenille (navy gray, charcoal gray and silver gray) was of lower quality than we anticipated and demanded from our supplier. It is not as soft as it should be, color is inconsistent in some places and there are some hard connections present. 

The reason for the mishap is the drying process. The colors that were affected were all dark tones - navy gray, charcoal gray, silvery gray. When chenille yarn is colored with dark dye, it might cause the fabric to over-dry or dry unevenly, causing color inconsistency. 

Because of the fabric being too dry, it can also become more brittle, causing the core yarn to tear. Take a look at this image below to understand better how chenille yarn is made. 

What does this mean for you? It means that we are liquidating the most recent supply of these three colors at half the cost. You get a 50% discount on the yarn as it is of lower quality. If you are a tight knitter, these inconsistencies in color or core yarn should be less obvious in your work and you are still able to use the yarn as intended. Please note that as this supply is being liquidated, there are no refunds or exchanges on this yarn of any kind. 

But there are good news abound!

1. Only the dark colors were affected in this shipment. All other colors are still the wonderful, thick, soft Jumbo Chenille yarn you know and love! 

2. We have talked extensively with our suppliers and incorporating our new feedback, our new high-quality supply will be arriving in March. 

3. Due to our Jumbo Chenille's popularity we are adding six more colors to our stock - white, black, burgundy and gold (while pale pink will replace pink and sapphire blue will replace the existing blue). Stay tuned for their arrival by signing up for our mailing list above. 

Picture: Gray Taupe Jumbo chenille

Thank you for supporting us through our journey of innovation including the roadblocks that occasionally come with it. It is you - our customers - who help us achieve our goals of bringing an amazing new product to the US market! 

P.S. You might noticed that we are almost out of all 10.5 chunky chenille: the reason is that we moved to 8 oz skein for all our chenille yarn and ALL colors from 10.5 oz skeins are now available in 8 oz skeins

Happy New Year, stay warm and BeCozi!