Help Us Out!

In Fall 2019 in one of our blogs, we wrote about building a new facility for BeCozi. BeCozi has grown from a home run hobby for 1.5 years to a small business located in one small office. One year later we moved to the office next door, then to the third and fourth offices next door by 2019. Now we are renting the whole building but it is not a good fit for our business. We were looking for another building to rent for over two years, could not find anything. Then we started looking for a building to buy and could not find anything that would fit. Finally in June 2019 we purchased a piece of land and started building our own building. Here is a picture "Before" and "After":

Construction officially started on October 22, 2019 and at the first part of April, 2020 we are planning to move into our NEW BUILDING! We are thrilled and looking forward to move to the new building that was designed exactly for our business. We will be showing some videos of our new building in one of our blog posts soon as it is still being finished inside at this time.

We will need to move a lot of yarn and office supplies to the new building and here is where we need YOUR HELP! We have LOTS of hand knitted and crocheted products, mostly created for our video tutorials on YouTube and also for pictures for Social media. We need them all gone! We added them all to our Clearance section and they are all 40-60% off! Please, check them out, all three pages, and find something that you need for yourself, your family and friends or for your furry friends! Everything must go!

We have many blankets, pillows, rugs, toys, pet beds, knitwear, anything you can  and can not imagine! Like this Rat rug, as 2020 is a year of Rat!

We also have a lot of leftovers of ALL yarns on Clearance: they are perfect for creating blankets like these two: Chunky chenille leftovers and Merino wool leftovers:

Check out our Baby beds/nests:

And even Easter baskets!

And MUCH, MUCH more!! Hurry up, only one item available for all products: first come - first serve!

Start shopping NOW!

Stay safe and BeCozi!