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Let`s Celebrate Women`s DAY!

Dear Friends,

This weekend, on March 8, big part of the world will be celebrating International Women`s Day.

It is one of the most popular and favorite Holidays in that part of the world I, Larissa, Koedyker, owner of BeCozi, came from: Ukraine. On March 8 ALL flowers in any possible location of any city, town or small village will be bought and given to wives, moms, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, girlfriends, female teachers and pretty much any other female you have in your life! Poor men in Ukraine would need to buy so many flowers - they need to save money well ahead for this day!:-)  It is not only men giving flowers to women, children give flowers and gifts to their moms and grandmothers. 

So, as you now know about this BIG Holiday in Eastern Europe, we we will be celebrating this very important Holiday too! Let`s celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives: ourselves and everybody we know!

BeCozi will celebrate with all of you by having a 15% off sale on everything this weekend! (Coupon will be applied automatically at checkout)

And the other great news: we are expecting an arrival of a few new yarns next week and they can be pre ordered NOW!!
1. "Plus and Lush" Chunky Velvet yarn (Velvet Tube yarn),

2. "Forever soft" Merino wool

3. BeCozi Chunky chenille yarn in BIG balls!

Check them out soon as all of them are sample orders and will be in limited stock.

Celebrate and BeCozi!!

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