Say NO to coronavirus!

Dear friends,

As situation with coronavirus is not getting better yet, we are doing everything possible to stay healthy, to keep our employees safe and to ship all the orders as soon as we can. We know that for many of you a package with yarn received from BeCozi is the way to keep the stress level low, to relax and to take it easy.

The best ways to stop the virus - to stay home. To socialize with as few people as possible. And if we need to go out to buy some food or meds: to wear a mask. Despite the fact that some doctors/media tell us masks do not work - ask Chinese people who did not have any new cases of coronavirus for the last two weeks - they ALL wear masks!

While staying home, let`s use this time as a blessing, not a punishment. Blessing to be around our beloved people. An opportunity to relax, to sleep later, to read a book, to watch TV, to go for a walk not worrying about being somewhere on time. 

Aaaand.....Let`s knit. Knitting is a wonderful healer. It calms down, it relaxes, it helps to forget about troubles, it makes us happier.

Here are a few of our new video tutorials to help you to start a new project:

1. Broken ribbing stitch pattern for a Chunky chenille blanket:

This pattern is loved by many for a good reason - looks super beautiful on both chunky and jumbo chenille yarn

Our Jumbo chenille collection now has Orange color!

2. Hand knit a chunky scarf with chunky chenille yarn:

Its still cold in many places in America - this scarf will be perfect to keep you warm! If you use our Furreal soft yarn with the same pattern - you will get a light and fluffy scarf for anytime of year.

3. Hand crochet your Chunky chenille blanket:

If you did not try Hand crochet a Chunky chenille blanket, you should definitely do it! Hand crochet blanket is super thick and soft!

And do not forget to check out our CLEARANCE section! We have a HUGE sale because we will be moving to a new location at the beginning of April and we need all those products gone!
We added a few new products - check them out and get one before they are all sold!

Our new Velvet yarn round pillows

Tube yarn Rat (2020 is a year of Rat!)

Chunky chenille hats


Check out a blog post from our friend Janine, who used our yarn to create a pillow!

STAY SAFE and BeCozi!