Why Yarn Texture Matters

Silky smooth rose petals, freshly polished wood, crisply laundered cotton sheets. We all run our fingers over them, not only to feel the texture but to gather information. Our finger pads have an incredible number of high-density nerve endings that can discern a lot of information and break it down into smaller, more manageable parts.

Is this surface soft or hard? It it wet or dry? Does it feel smooth or rough to the touch?

As babies, we primarily develop through tactile interactions. The sense of touch is closely tied to mathematical problem solving in our brain, as we can analyze and categorize the information given, using the same reasoning we do when we add or subtract.

As we grow up, many of us forget our tactile inclinations. But it's just as important for an adult to experience the world through touch as it is for an infant.

Tactile stimulation is said to "improve growth, neural activity and development" in babies. In adults, touch can benefit "the well being of those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia". (source)

As humans that experience the world through touch, it makes complete sense why a wool like Merino or chunky chenille would grow in popularity: it is just too soft to resist. Not to mention that the weight of a knitted Merino wool blanket has a comforting effect on us while we're sleeping or relaxing, reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Here at Becozi, we encourage you to engage your tactile senses. All of our yarns, starting from jumbo chenille to our vegan yarn, are soft, smooth and engage your brain through the sense of touch, whether you are knitting your own creation or simply enjoying one already made for you.

Knowing the benefits of tactile stimulation, we encourage you to try hand knitting if you haven't already. Pick up some Merino yarn from us and try making something of your own. Notice how the yarn makes you feel, see what the process does for you.

We are sure you will love it beyond what you might have imagined.

Our personal recommendations for beginners are:

Let us know in comments how the texture aspect of our yarns have impacted your knitting - we would love to hear from you. 

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In the meantime, stay home and BeCozi!